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for hours. >>> the government is targeting the finances of a violent street gang by calling the ms- 13 gang a transnational criminal organization. the government now has the power to put economic sanctions on the organization. they can freeze their assets within the united states and make banking more difficult for members. ms-13 is a very violent gang created by immigrants. >>> we are just minutes away from the start of the a's game tonight to determine if they go on to the american league championship series. a live look outside right now. a lot of fans here and today the team tweeted if the a's win tonight they will remove the tarps from the third deck that means 11,000 more seats will be available for the next game. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in oakland with the economic impact an a's win could have outside the coliseum. >> reporter: we are at mcgoes to. if you look -- mcgees. if you look. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a bonus for the employee whose get more days of business. for fans happy chance to splurge. >> been a giants efan -- fan. i thought i should get posy
after that incident. > departments in the bay area feeling the squeeze as the government cuts grants to help those departments. figures show that this year the government cut $140 million in financial aid to local fire departments. california was already hit with a two million dollar reduction in federal fire grants in 2010. the united states fire administration which helps local firefighters is also poised for a budget cut. >> they are limited dollars. locally they struggle with budgets at the federal level. >> reporter: oakland officials say their department is dealing with tough economic times and they say they will have to start looking for other sources of revenue if grants continue to dry up. >> now to the election coverage. romney has taken a slight lead over the president. according to polls, in the five- days after last week's debate 49% of likely voters say they support romney, 47% say they back obama. however, among all registered voters, the president still holds a three point lead over romney. >> the folks behind seasame street asking the obama campaign to stop runnin
there are concerns it could lead to a wider war. the exchange began 5 days ago. the turkish government once supported the president but now s now a -- but is now a supporter of the rebels. >>> collecting wreckage from where a drone was shot down yesterday. no word on the origin of the drone and it was taken down by jet fighters. no group claimed responsibility. hezbollah is expected. >>> in spain demonstrators took to the streets to protest punishing government cuts. spain's over all unemployment is 25% while theyie unemployment is 50%. -- the youth unemployment is 50%. tempers are rising and a strike may be brewing. >>> still to come a brawl in san francisco that left one man fighting for his life, plus -- >> playoff fever in san francisco, but it is giving these fan as case of nerves tonight as the giants try to get even against the reds. what fans are looking for on the field. >> plus that meningitis outbreak keeps growing, how many people have been effected and the effected and california businesses that could be linked to the debate. >> paul ryan and joe biden get ready to go head to head. >> an
, wearing all black and riding a blue bike. >>> the city of oakland is suing the government to prevent the seizure of a building. the property in question is a medical marijuana dispensary called the harbor side health center. it operates under a city issued permit. it asks the court to declare the government's attempt to close it down as unlawful. >>> the supreme court heard arguments in a case that could have effects on college admissions. demonstrators gathered. the appeal involve as lawsuit filed by a student who claims she was denied admission to the university of texas because of her race. they say the court has become conservative. >>> a slight drop in the number of job opens is a sign of a slow recovery. there were 30,000 fewer job opening in august compared to july. and the rate at which workers quit stayed the same for six months in a row. before the recession it was above 2%. on wall street today stocks fell as the earnings season gets underway. the dow is down 128 to 13,344. the nasdaq is down 13 at 3,051. >>> standard and poor's hit spain with a down grade today. they said
government and that equipment made by the companies could be used for espaean wash. -- estpen wash. >>> halloween is around the corner. if you want to see big pumpkins we got them. ktvu's allie rasmus was in half moon bay and shows us the winner that pumpkin weigh-off. it was so big it set a record today. >> here we go. >> reporter: at 1775 pounds this was the winner of the pumpkin weigh-off. cash prize for growing this? $10,650. >> my family is my secret. i couldn't do this without support. everybody that grows is because they have somebody behind them. >> reporter: today was the end of a long journey from seed to full grown squash, fertilizer and tlc. he had a 1400-pound pumpkin. >> if you get the soil right and the weather is just right and you get everything else just right, maybe you will get lucky enough. >> reporter: for many the biggest challenge is just bringing it here. >> getting it on the roads. they are strapped and packed and placed on beds for the bumpy drive. >> reporter: this year there was an extra prize for any pumpkin weighing or than a ton. >> we will give the
a government doing what it takes to track down those who were responsible. >> secretary clinton said that the accountability review board is just beginning its investigation. her comments come the day after vice presidential candidate paul ryan questioned the obama advacation's handling of security at the consulate. >>> secretary of dfts leon defense -- defense leon panetta is warning that the u.s. could be facing cyberattacks. secretary panettas that a major cyberattack could virtually paralyze this country, and he said the military could take action if the u.s. detects an imminent cyberattack. >> these attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyberthreat. >> and panetta is urging congress to pass legislation. he said without it, the country is vulnerable. right now, the pentagon spends more than $3 billion a year on cybersecurity. >>> honda has ordered a recall of more than a quarter million crv crossovers that affects 269,000 crossovers from the 2002 through 2006 model years relating to a master switch that controls the vehicle's power windows. that could melt and cause a fire
's presidential debate, when mitt romney branded tesla has one of the government-supported losers in green technology. >>> a woman from morgan hill was arraigned this afternoon in santa clara county on charges of commercial burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 38-year-old marci erica did not enter a plea. she was arrested in nevada. investigators say that's where she fled after she told her 10-year-old daughter to shop lift at a safeway store in morgan hill and store employees stopped the girl as she was trying to leave the store. that happened last month. >>> albany police chief today said his department will not publicize details of molestation allegations against a teacher who apparently committed suicide this week. the body of albany middle school teacher james izumizaki was discovered monday in a car outside his family's home. last month, he was arrested on suspicion of lewd acts on a child and later released on bail. alameda county prosecutors have not formally charged the man. police say they will continue their investigation until all known leads are exhausted.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7